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By Miracle Dental Center
January 02, 2014
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Proper oral hygiene is just as important for the little mouths of children as it is for adults. To ensure your kids are maintaining optimal oral health, take steps now to help kids get in a routine of regular brushing and flossing.
Cavities can be prevented with proper care, and the most important part of dental care starts at home. Combined with regular visits to your Cooper City pediatric dentist at Miracle Dental Center, you can avoid cavities and promote good oral health for your kids that last into adulthood.
Your Pediatric Dentist in Cooper City Places an Emphasis on Brushing and Flossing Everyday
Brushing and flossing are two of the most obvious and effective ways to keep teeth clean and cavities at bay. When your kids are younger, help them brush each tooth’s surface to remove all food and debris. Once they are old enough, encourage them to do it twice a day—morning and night—and even at school following lunch if possible.
If you want your kids to have good oral hygiene habits, then set a good example by doing the same. When kids grow up at a young age understanding the importance of oral hygiene as a part of their daily routine, they will continue this behavior into adulthood.
Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Teeth
Besides keeping teeth clean by brushing and flossing, you should also ensure your child is eating a diet rich in nutrients and light in sugars and starches.  Sugars and starches are major causes of tooth decay, but don’t have to be eliminated entirely; just in moderation.
Rather than eating sugary foods and drinks several times throughout the day, eat them with a meal instead. Exposing your tooth’s enamel constantly to the harmful acids found in these foods and beverages can be damaging to your teeth. 
Other tips for mealtime include:
  • Eat sugars and starches with a meal, not between meals
  • If you can't brush your teeth after eating, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash
  • If you snack, choose foods that are low in sugar
Our Pembroke Pines Area Dentist Knows Best
Taking your child to the dentist for regular check ups and cleanings is an essential part of preventing dental diseases and keeping teeth and gums healthy.  A visit will include a thorough exam and cleaning, looking for early signs of dental problems and removing plaque from the teeth that only a dental professional can remove. As your child gets older and teeth grow in and develop, your dentist may also refer you to an orthodontist if he thinks the child would be a good candidate for braces.