Different Types of Night Guards from your Cooper City Florida Dentistry

If you’re shopping for your own night guard it is best that you consult your Cooper City/Hollywood, FL dentist as you may find yourself bewildered by the variety of choices available. Do you want a thicker or thinner one? A top-fitting or bottom-fitting model? At Miracle Dental Center we will go over all your different options. Here are some of the different types of night guards. 

  1. Hard Versus Soft

Some night guards use a stiff material that only softens up when you put it in hot water, then hardens as it cools. Others use a more rubbery-textured soft plastic that may feel comfortable to wear, but can actually increase the urge to bite down and chew for some people.

  1. Upper Versus Lower

Night guards typically only fit onto the top arch or the bottom arch (upper night guards versus lower night guards), providing one layer of buffer between your upper and lower teeth. The night guard works by keeping your teeth from grinding directly against each other, since that could wear down the enamel and cause fractures and other problems. 

However, some people find that an upper guard works better for them than a lower guard, or vice versa. If you’ve tried an upper guard and find that it’s too uncomfortable to sleep in, you may want to try a lower guard (in addition to trying a thinner model if necessary).

  1. Whole Mouth Versus Back Teeth Only

Some night guards don’t extend around your entire arch. Instead, the main part fits between your back molars so that your jaw can’t come to rest with teeth touching.

These are some of the distinctions to be made between different types of night guards. As you can see, some types are considered superior to others, and sometimes you may need one type or another depending on the purpose for the guard. Grinding isn’t good for you, so work with your dentist in Cooper City/Hollywood, FL to discover effective ways to help you relax and eliminate tension in your jaw while using the night guard.

At Miracle Dental Center we can help assist you in choosing the right Night Guard for you. To book an appointment with Miracle Dental Center click Here. 

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