Types Of Dental Fillings

The 5 most common types of dental fillings utilized by Cooper City dentists today are porcelain, amalgam, silver, gold, and amalgam/silver fillings. These kinds of fillings have different functions; however they all are used to correct tooth decay problems. Dental filling companies can supply all types of these dental supplies, but it is a good idea to seek the professional advice of an experienced Cooper City dentist prior to making any type of filling decision.

If you have decayed or yellowish teeth, you may be a candidate for a porcelain filling. Porcelain dental fillings go on very well in preventing further decay or yellowing of your teeth. Many dentists recommend this type of filling material for individuals with cracks in their teeth or chipped areas as well.

Another great option for those who have decay issues is silver or amalgam dental fillings. These types of fillings are typically used to repair mild to moderate tooth decay; however they do not prevent more severe decay from occurring.

Individuals with cavities should consult their dentist in Cooper City or calling our office to schedule an appointment, regarding other options such as silver composites which can be used to treat more severe levels of tooth decay.

By consulting our dentists at Miracle Dental Center, you can discuss all available choices that can be used to treat your teeth and mouth.

To schedule an appointment with Miracle Dental Center to get your questions answered about dental fillings, call our office at (954) 885-9560 or visit https://www.miracledentalcenter.com/contact-us/

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