If you aren’t flossing every day, learn why you should be from your Cooper City, FL dentists serving Pembroke Pines.

We understand that there are some days that are so long that it can often feel like a chore to get ready for bed. All you want to do is snuggle up under the covers and fall fast asleep. But not so fast! Your smile needs a little TLC before you hit the hay. While brushing may come as second nature to you, perhaps you don’t often floss every day like you should, but our Cooper City, FL dentists serving Pembroke Pines are here to tell you why you should floss every day.

Regardless of whether you use regular dental floss or a floss pick, there is a reason you should be flossing your teeth every day. Since your toothbrush can’t get into tight spaces or spaces between teeth, you will need to floss in order to remove food and plaque from between teeth. Just brushing your teeth isn’t enough to give your smile a thorough clean. By flossing in between your teeth at least once a day you can help dislodge and remove plaque before it turns to tartar.

When should I floss my teeth?

While the most important thing is that you floss your teeth every day, there are some flossing habits that may make your flossing more effective. Whenever you can devote enough time to flossing your teeth is probably the best time to do it. Some people find it easier to floss before heading to work while other people enjoy having a superbly clean mouth prior to going to bed. The choice is yours.

Of course, flossing your teeth before you brush may actually lead to a cleaner smile. How? Since floss helps to remove plaque and food from between teeth it makes it easier for the toothpaste to then get between teeth and offer a better clean than if plaque and food were still left behind.

And don’t forget that kids also should floss. The minute two teeth erupt next to each other your little one should start a flossing regimen. In the beginning you will need to floss their teeth for them and show them how it’s done. As you child gets older they can start flossing their teeth on their own (usually around 10 years old).

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